The Metaverse offers brand owners in every field, whether automotive, leisure, hospitality or aviation, an extraordinary opportunity to share and showcase their brands with a global audience. Consumers can engage actively, enjoying driving a vehicle they would not in real life or purchasing designer clothes. The experience is quite literally a whole new world, with new challenges.

Edwin Coe’s Intellectual Property team invites you to dive into the Metaverse through a webinar recording to explore:

  • What the Metaverse is
  • Who you will find in the Metaverse
  • How to go about launching your company or product within the Metaverse
  • How best you can protect your brand in the Metaverse and the type of agreements to commercialise your brand to the maximum

We are delighted to be joined by our guest speaker:

Patrick Juarez-Pennant from the WildBytes who talks about how brands can harness the Metaverse to deepen the connection with consumers, sharing their values and maximising opportunities in a new virtual world.


Claire Lehr
Partner | Intellectual Property & Trade Marks
Edwin Coe LLP

Nick Phillips
Partner | Intellectual Property & IT
Edwin Coe LLP

Patrick Juarez-Pennant


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