We are proud to be B Corp Certified

We are delighted to announce that we are now a Certified B Corporation ™.  B stands for Benefit for all and we are proud to have joined a growing global community of purpose-driven businesses who are leading the movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

Our purpose

We always aim to focus on constantly improving our purpose, and our people, alongside our profit. We strive to uphold our duties to support the welfare, growth, empowerment, and appreciation of all our people.  We aim to fulfil our commitment and responsibilities to all our stakeholders including our clients, our suppliers, and the environment.

Our journey to certification

We realised in 2021 that our long-standing aim of being a force for good was very much aligned with the B Corp™ Movement. We also realised that we had achieved so many individual “good” standards that the B Corp Certification offered a fantastic, comprehensive, umbrella framework for us to support our focus on our continuous improvement.  So we began our journey to B Corp Certification, with a committed team across all areas of the firm working together towards meeting high standards of social and environmental impact (the B Lab Standards).  This is a rigorous process of demonstrating performance, accountability and transparency covering B Lab’s five Impact Area Pillars of community, customers, environment, governance and workers.

Alison Broadberry, our Managing Partner commented “I am thrilled that we are now a B Corp Certified firm. This is a fantastic achievement to recognise the significant effort, commitment, and passionate belief in the importance of the mission of the B Corp community that we share across the firm.   We are all proud that Edwin Coe is one of the first few law firms in the UK to join the global B Corp community.  I would like to thank very sincerely all those who have contributed so much to this certification and who contribute to our journey of continuous improvement.”

Tim Nash, our Chief Executive added “A score of 88.2 is very satisfying; however, this is only the start of the journey. There is still much further to go – B Lab encourages businesses to focus on continuous improvement delivering for their clients, their people and other stakeholders, along with continually improving their environmental and social performance.  Our aim is to improve our score when we are recertified in three years’ time!”

If you would like to talk to us about our B Corp Certification, please contact Alison Broadberry or Tim Nash.

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