Please note that this visa category will close to all new applicants from 11 April 2022. Only new applications from Media Representatives will be accepted and those individuals already on a Sole Representative of an Overseas Business will be able to continue to extend their visas or apply for settlement/indefinite leave to remain.

The Sole representative of an overseas business visa is a category which allows an overseas business to send a senior employee to the UK in order to establish a branch or subsidiary for the company in the UK.

This route is only available for those companies that wish to expand in the UK and can demonstrate business requirements for the opening of a branch/subsidiary. The parent company must remain outside of the UK and continue to exist and trade.

A senior employee of the parent company must be nominated to be the sole representative of the UK branch or of the UK wholly-owned subsidiary of that company. They must have full authority to make decisions on behalf of the UK company and can work only for the UK company.

Applicants will be given an initial period of 3 years leave to remain in the UK – prior to the end of that visa they will need to extend for a further 2 years. After 5 years, individuals may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

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Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

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