There are various types of family categories that enables a UK resident to have their family join them in the UK. The most common category is the ‘Spouse visa’ which allows the spouse or civil partner of a British citizen, someone present and settled in the UK, leave under the EU Settlement Scheme or leave as a worker or business person under Appendix ECAA (formerly Turkish businesspersons) to join them in the UK.

It is imperative that all requirements under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules are met – the financial requirement and the English language are the two most common requirements applicants fail to meet.

Some of other categories included under Family Settlement are Adult dependant visa, Parent of a Child visa, Child of British Parent(s). Each category holds specific requirements that need to be met when applying under the family settlement routes which our Immigration team are well placed to advise on.

If you would like further advice or assistance on a particular family settlement visa then please do not hesitate to contact our Immigration team.


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Family Settlement Visas

If you wish to join a family member or partner who is living in the UK permanently, such as a spouse or unmarried partner, you will need to apply for a Family of a Settled Person visa.  If you are already in the UK, you may also be able to make the application from within the UK.  There are requirements which need to be met and we can assess your circumstances to establish whether you are eligible to make an application. At Edwin Coe we come across instances where for example couples are concerned as to whether the overseas spouse/partner can apply as he/she may be subject to a travel ban, or whether the UK spouse/partner can sponsor as they are unsure as to whether they meet the financial requirement.  We have had many cases where non-salaried income or income from different sources is calculated incorrectly, and as a result applicants feel that they don’t meet the financial threshold. At Edwin Coe we appreciate that the process can be very stressful and we are therefore here to guide you through the process and prepare the application as thoroughly as possible for you in readiness for filing to ensure that an application is likely to succeed.  

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