If you previously held Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and have been absent from the UK for more than 2 years, you may be eligible to return to the UK and live permanently as a ‘returning resident’.

If you were previously granted ILR and that status was lost by either being away from the UK for more than 2 years you may be successful in applying for a Returning Resident visa. Generally, you would need to demonstrate the following:

  • You have strong ties to the UK – such as family, business or a property in the UK;
  • An explanation of your current circumstances, reason for leaving the UK, length of time spent outside of the UK; and
  • Your reason for now wanting to return to the UK and intention to treat the UK as your home.

Our Immigration team are well placed to advise on the full requirements for this visa category and the documentation required for the submission of this application.

If you would like further advice or assistance on applying as a returning resident, please do not hesitate to contact our Immigration team.

Contact our Immigration Team
telephone: 020 7691 4000
or email: enquiries@edwincoe.com

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Returning Resident Visa Applications

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