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Intellectual property law

The General Data Protection Regulation – not just a European problem…

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018, it will bring with it numerous changes to the data protection landscape in the EU.

Property litigation law

Issues for commercial tenants where the landlord has become insolvent

This article deals with the issues that may arise for commercial tenants (the Tenant) if their landlord becomes insolvent (the Insolvent Landlord), in particular where the Insolvent Landlord is an intermediate landlord, such as a headtenant, and where the Tenant is a subtenant.

Corporate and commercial law

Brexit clauses

On 29 March 2019 at 11pm, the United Kingdom will officially withdraw from the European Union. Whilst the full and true effect of leaving the EU is still very much a hotly debated topic, companies have already begun planning ahead to try and limit the adverse effects Brexit may have on their businesses and the inclusion of a Brexit clause is becoming a more commonplace to achieve just this. For example, Ryanair, the low cost airline, has recently announced that it will include a clause in its UK customer contracts that will render tickets invalid if the UK government is unable to resolve the issues surrounding aviation regulations post Brexit.

Employment law

Changes to Taxation of Payments on Termination of Employment

There are new tax treatment provisions, which take effect from 6 April 2018 and, some which have been delayed to April 2019.

Property law

The new Electronic Communications Code

The new Electronic Communications Code applies to all telecommunications agreements completed after 28 December 2017, and applies in a modified form to telecommunications agreements already existing on that date. The new Code replaces the pre-existing Telecommunications Code which has been in place since 1984.

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