In partnership with Macmillan Davies, Edwin Coe is delighted to host a roundtable for senior HR professionals titled: ‘Pronouns, deadnaming and misgendering – why employers need to understand the terminology’.

The Chartered Institute of Personal and Development guide published in September 2023 quotes its own research that 55% of transgender (or trans) workers have experienced conflict in the workplace, including harassment or discrimination in their career with 18% stating that they feel “unsafe in the workplace.”

In this roundtable Employment Partners Clare Gilroy-Scott and Alexandra Bonner will:

  • Discuss how to navigate the intricacies of gender identification issues.
  • Explain the important role of HR to ensure both equality and inclusion for trans employees and job applicants.
  • Explain the current legal protection for trans individuals in the workplace.
  • Provide practical tips that can be implemented in the workplace in a ‘Ask the Experts’ Q&A.

Please get in touch with Clare Gilroy-Scott, Alexandra Bonner or any member of the Employment team if you need any guidance and support.

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