Hetal Sanghvi a Partner in our Tax team featured in a “One minute with…” interview in the LexisNexis Tax Journal.

“One minute with…” is a series of questions on the reflections of key tax people in their career.  Featured questions include “What’s keeping you busy at work?”, “If you could make one change to tax…” and “Are there any new rules that are causing a problem?”

On the question “What should we look out for this year?”, Hetal comments: a looming election with the very real possibility of a Labour government which has pledged to rework the non-domicile regime. A whole scale removal of the system without any appropriate replacement and substantial grandfathering provisions for offshore trusts in Hetal’s opinion could result in economic loss created by capital flight.

Read the full article in the LexisNexis Tax Journal.

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