William Edwards from our Private Client team recently spoke to the Daily Mail for an article looking at how to avoid falling for common inheritance tax traps when inheriting a property.

Giving a property to a loved one is done by many Brits without a second thought, as they look to protect their original investment and ensure that hard-earned money to buy a house does not go to waste.

However, while many people may inherit a house as a means of stepping onto the property ladder, there are a number of common mistakes made when it comes to how inheritance tax works and how you might be charged for inheriting a property.

Here are some of the most common inheritance traps and how you can avoid falling victim of them…

…William Edwards, who works at law firm Edwin Coe, said: ‘It is really important that it is clearly set out in a will who has the burden of paying the tax on a failed gift, because it can get messy when there is more than one beneficiary of an estate….’

Read the full article in the Mail Online.

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