Edwin Coe LLP is delighted to be hosting an inspirational and motivational evening with Sue Stockdale.

Inspiring leaders are those who use their unique combination of strengths to motivate individuals and teams to take on bold missions – and then hold them accountable for results. They inspire higher performance through empowerment, not just command and control. This causes employees to be more productive and, in turn, inspire those around them to strive for more.

Sue Stockdale was the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole and subsequently went on to participate in many other polar expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. Edwin Coe is delighted to welcome Sue to lead this seminar where she will share some of her experiences about what it takes to be an inspiring leader in order to bring out the best in your employees.

As a result, you will leave with:

  • An understanding of the traits of an inspiring leader – developing self-leadership, connecting with others, setting the tone, and leading others
  • Awareness of the benefits that inspirational leadership can have on your business
  • Practical tips on how to become a more inspirational leader


Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale is an inspirational speaker whose business and adventure experience has helped hundreds of leaders to step out of their comfort zone and achieve extraordinary results.

She works with some of Europe’s top companies, elite sports people, and not for profit organisations, as an executive coach and leadership specialist, and has spoken at leading business schools on motivation, leadership and risk.

Sue has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and MSc in Quality Management. She is also author of The Growth Story, Kickstart your Motivation and Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs and co-author of Risk, Motivating People, The Personality Workbook, and Cope with Change at Work.

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