Over 80% of the public are against plans by HM Revenue & Customs to sell the personal financial data of millions of taxpayers to private firms, a recent survey has found.

Commenting in International Adviser, Edwin Coe’s Head of Tax, Frank Strachan is critical of the proposals: “When I first learned of this issue I had to check it wasn’t April Fools Day,” he said.

“As a taxpayer myself I don’t want my data being sold to anyone, so I hope that HMRC, and more importantly the politicians to whom HMRC are accountable, realise the strength of public opinion against this ridiculous idea and stop it dead in its tracks.”

“HMRC are paid by taxpayers to collect the correct amount of tax from the population and it should not be in the business of selling data, however anonymised it may be, to anyone.”

To read the full International Adviser article please use the following link.


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