Property Partner, Joanne McIvor advises a residential landlord who has a Covid-related issue with her rent-to-rent company tenant in last Saturday’s Troubleshooter column in the Property section of The Times.

Andrea Smith, 40, has a flat in southeast London that she rents out with an unusual arrangement.

Her tenant is a company called Hightop Property, based in Canary Wharf, which paid her a market rent of £3,100 a month and then sublet the flat to six tenants for £4,100.  Hightop covered the household bills, which Andrea said are about £300 a month, and guaranteed to keep paying even if the flat was empty between tenants.

The arrangement worked well until, without warning, Hightop started paying only £1,550 a month…

Read the full article in The Times (subscription may be required)

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