Tim Nash, our CEO recently spoke to Briefing magazine as part of their annual survey of strategic leaders in the legal sector. The report ‘Ready To Respond’ law firm strategy and investment survey 2022/2023 examines and benchmarks perspective on market change, top strategic and transformation priorities, and most pressing organisational challenges.

Recruitment and retention
“It is still possible to find good people. Clearly some, mostly larger, firms have thrown money at a challenge here – and so in order to counter that you need a really authentic alternative message about the quality of work, culture, colleagues, overall experience, and other benefits on offer. Candidates need to experience that promise as they walk through the door.”

There’s still a lot of variation between firms. It will probably take some years for a consensus modus operandi to emerge. There’s an opportunity to differentiate, but risk that you may need to reverse out of it.” Edwin Coe itself has guidance and expectations around hybrid working. “They can flex depending on circumstances, but there are benefits of some days in the office for culture, collaboration, supervision and learning.” The last of these is particularly hard to handle fully remotely, he says.

Environmental, Social and Governance
We’ve run a number of people surveys during the pandemic to gauge attitudes, and found they are increasingly alert to progress on gender and ethnic diversity, to equal opportunity, and support for more disadvantaged groups.

As well as formalising the many activities we undertake already, this can unlock insight into areas we could enhance. We already measure, but are now improving the monitoring of the tiers of emissions.”

Scenario-planning against changing variables was crucial when adapting business in the pandemic, and that focus on profitability and commerciality really must now remain – everything leads back to it.

You can read the full report on Briefing’s website.





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