This series of webinars looks at neuro diversity in the workplace; why it matters, how it can enhance a business and how to manage it (which will include some ‘myth busting’ of the common misconceptions about the management of neuro diverse staff which causes ‘caution’ for employers in recruitment).

The series aims to inspire, drawing on ‘real life’ examples, and give confidence to those within a business recruiting staff.

Around one in seven people are thought to be neurodivergent and 20% of the UK workforce.  However most employees do not disclose this information and employers have no idea how to maximise their skill base.  There is growing awareness of neurodiversity and more information about how employers can make slight adjustments to support their employees by creating inclusive environments that benefit all employees and employers.

Law firm Edwin Coe LLP, Inclusive Environments Ltd and recruitment specialists Elizabeth Norman International have teamed up to examine what is neurodiversity, how to leverage neurodiverse talent within the workplace, what employers can do to attract, retain and promote neurodiverse talent and steps that can be taken to enhance employer confidence when recruiting and managing neuro diverse staff.


Session 1:  What is Neurodiversity? How can it benefit your organisation? – 10am Wednesday, 27 April 2022

In this session we will introduce the webinar series, the speakers and the overarching theme of the series:  ‘changing the perspective’. We will look at the definition of neurodiversity, how greater neurodiversity can benefit organisations, the impact on skills shortages and advantages of an increased talent pool.

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Session 2:  What are the barriers to entry and promotion within the workplace for neurodiverse staff? – 10am Wednesday, 11 May 2022

In this session we will share up to date industry statistics and highlight ‘invisible’ barriers within the recruitment and onboarding processes. The importance of workplace spaces and environments will be discussed and the significant successful impact these can have for neurodiverse staff. We will also clarify employer obligations towards disabled staff with a view of enhancing employer confidence.

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Session 3:  Lifting the barriers; removing the fear – 12pm Tuesday, 24 May 2022

In this session we will look at creating adaptable and appropriate working spaces and the recognised benefits of a diverse team, with some successful case studies. We will highlight steps for inclusive recruitment and encouraging disclosure, and moving towards inclusive environments: one size does not fit all! We will ‘myth bust’ some of the fears of employers associated with the management of disabled staff.

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Session 4:  It’s a Win Win:  Q&A panel discussion on lessons learned – 10am Wednesday, 8 June 2022

In this session the speakers will share real life case studies, the challenges and successes.  We will highlight each speakers suggestion for the single biggest change that employers can make to increase diversity within their business and sources of additional help and guidance will also be shared.

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Session 5: Your questions answered: pre-recorded panel discussion to pick up some of the questions raised over the webinar series – 10am Wednesday, 22 June 2022

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Gillian Burgis-Smith: CEO/Founder – Inclusive Environments Ltd

Jack Fitzpatrick:  Independent EDI Speaker

Liz Norman: CEO/Founder – Elizabeth Norman International

Linky Trott:  Head of Employment – Edwin Coe LLP

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