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Various organisations behind the Keep Sunday Special campaign, including the Association of Convenience Stores, Relationship Foundation, USDAW, National Federation of Sub Postmasters and the National Federation of Retail Newsagents have turned to law firm Edwin Coe LLP, to advise on the recent publication of the Government’s response to the consultation last year on removing restrictions on Sunday trading for large stores. The firm is advising on a possible challenge to the consultation and the amendments to the Enterprise Bill now passing through Parliament.

David Greene, Senior Partner of Edwin Coe, said:

“We have for many years supported the convenience store sector so it was natural for it to turn to us to question the consultation process on Sunday trading. The Government proposed changes last year but stalled legislation due to the opposition to change. Now it is having another go at removing restrictions. One of the complaints of campaigners against removing restrictions is that the principal question of whether restrictions should be lifted at all is being avoided under the cover of a consultation and response that centres on devolving decisions to local authorities.

The real issue is effectively being hived off. This device has caused confusion amongst the respondents to the consultation many of whom addressed the fundamental issue but did not address the principle of devolution. Further the Government has presented no evidence of the effect of devolution.

We have this week written to the Department in a letter before action seeking information ahead of a decision as to judicial review.”

For further information on this news release, please contact:-

David Greene
Senior Partner
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Head of Business Development & Marketing
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