Edwin Coe recently took part in a panel discussion at the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, titled ‘Legal liability as we move out of lockdown: what employers (and employees) need to know’.

Why should you watch? Coming out of lockdown is a legal minefield. The easing of the rules doesn’t give much if any legal protection against unfair dismissal claims – or potentially against personal injury claims if an employee contracts CV. And it isn’t at all clear whether employees can be required to work in an office. There are problems of liability in the workplace itself – but also travel. No easy answers – and it is going to be a long time before employment tribunals and the courts establish clear rights and obligations. This is a fascinating (and slightly terrifying) look into the problems the UK economy will face as it emerges from the protective cocoon of lockdown.

Contributors include: Andrew Hilton (Director, CSFI), Jane Fuller (Co-Director, CSFI) and Sophie White (Eversheds Sutherland).

Watch below (37 mins) or on Youtube

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