AstraZeneca appears to be in danger of breaching its contract to supply the EU, and may have to renegotiate its contract to supply Covid-19 vaccines to the EU, the UK or both, warned David Greene, our Senior Partner and current President of The Law Society when he recently spoke to The Guardian.

To the anger of European leaders, the Anglo-Swedish company has said it will only be able to deliver 25% of the 100m doses pledged to the bloc by the end of March due to a production problem in Belgium.

AstraZeneca has claimed that its vaccine contract with the EU obliges it only to make “best efforts” to supply the bloc. Although the terms of the deal are unknown, AstraZeneca has indicated it may publish the contract on Friday…

…David Greene, the president of the Law Society and a senior partner at Edwin Coe, where he litigates contracts, said: “If they [AZ] gave assurances that they made reasonable best efforts to supply the EU but were in fact diverting material from one place to another, that would on the face of it be a potential breach of obligations to use reasonable best efforts.

Read the full article on the Guardian’s website and a second piece: Lawyers disagree over AstraZeneca’s duty to supply vaccines to EU.

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