Will there be an extension? Don’t bet on it. People have become weary of Brexit and the COVID-19 recovery is topping the agenda, says David Greene

Amongst the furore over the COVID 19 crisis, the series of crises that flowed from the referendum in 2016 and our departure from the EU in January 2020 have been quietly forgotten.

The lexicography of Corona-19 has overtaken that of EU departure. Having dominated the headlines for over 3 years “Brexit” and “Section 50” have passed into memory like some fading matinee star that was yesterday’s story. The real life and death issues of coronavirus have overtaken the potential life changing issues of the UK’s departure from the Single Market.

On 31 January 2020 we left the European Union after almost 50 years a member. A momentous and historic occasion bearing in mind that few lawyers in the UK have known anything other than the legal framework that flowed from membership…

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