Voting out gives lawyers short term bonanza but will push law reform to the backburner, says David Greene in a New Law Journal article regarding Brexit.

An ironic Gallic shrug to the question on all our lips: OK so what now? The referendum debate is just getting under way. It may seem a little late but the chanteuse has yet to enter the stage to sing the final aria so nothing is concluded. Real politik has yet to stamp its mark on the concept of exiting the EU. In the meantime the Gods are laughing at the mayhem caused within the establishment by the vote.

The result is clearly not what most had planned for. Even those that led the “Leave” campaign seemed to be working on hope rather than reality and those opposed simply did not think it would happen. Until the Sunderland result, the world was making its way to bed safe in the assumption that all was safe and good and the British people would revert to good sense only to be woken to the shock of the result.

To read the full article which first appeared in New Law Journal please click here.


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