2016 has been, and promises to continue to be, a turbulent year for the construction sector. Between Brexit and recession, architects need to protect their income stream and manage their risks.

Edwin Coe’s construction team would like to invite you to our Top tips for Architects: surviving 2016 and beyond seminar, where they will explore some of the key risks currently facing architects and discuss how to manage these risks.


  1. Understanding your professional appointment
    a general overview of appointment terms including: duty of care (i.e. the difference between ‘all’ and just ‘reasonable’ skill and care), copyright, novation, assignment and sub-contracting, duration of liability and requirement to maintain PII.
  2. How to ensure you get paid – explanation of the standard payment terms under the Construction Act and RIBA appointments, what to do if you are not paid (i.e. suspending performance, terminating appointment), and the impact of contractor/employer insolvency on outstanding payments.
  3. Net Contribution Clauses – discussion of what they are, why architects and their insurers want them, why employers and banks don’t want to give them, what to do when you cannot get them and a brief overview of the Civil Contribution Act.
  4. Collateral Warranties – not to be given away like candy: discussion of the purpose of collateral warranties, the impact of giving them out, and things to look out for and seek in the warranties (i.e. copyright for extension, PII duration, assignment notification).



Who should attend

The seminar is suitable for qualified architects, in-house legal staff, commercial directors and other decision makers. We would be delighted if you would join us for this complimentary event.

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