Many businesses have been struggling since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and therefore placed staff on furlough whilst the long-term impact was assessed. As we now come out of a second national lockdown, some businesses are having to look at reducing costs and staffing levels as the recovery back to ‘normal’ trading looks to be slow.

Edwin Coe’s Head of Employment, Linky Trott and Employment Partner, Ruth Hickling will discuss some of the key aspects of the redundancy process and new considerations and risks that businesses need to take on board to ensure they don’t leave themselves exposed to unfair dismissal claims or employee group actions.

Attend this webinar to gain a broad understanding of the redundancy process and selection criteria, and how to apply this across the employee population such as:

  • When is a role redundant (what if it’s just a temporary cessation of work?) and how to identify the right redundancy pool
  • Creating objective selection criteria
  • Can you consult with those on furlough leave and changes in relation to notice and furlough
  • Potential risk areas: those on sick leave, shielding or on statutory leave such as maternity leave
  • How to minimise and manage employees challenging the redundancy of their role (the ‘I have never been busier’ response) and/or their selection.

A copy of the recording is available by clicking on this link.

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