Edwin Coe LLP is delighted to be a guest speaker for the ICAEW in a co-hosted live webinar with CIPD. The webinar will discuss the personnel and immigration issues that businesses and employees might face through the end of the transition period. Hear from two experts on these issues, and use the opportunity to ask questions on this important subject.


Examples of questions which will be discussed include:

What are the biggest issues that employers and employees might face post-transition period?

What should they be doing to prepare?

What are the challenges in addressing those issues? What things are most likely to trip employers up?

How is the government assisting businesses and individuals in mitigating the impacts?

What, if any are the opportunities from a personnel point of view?

Are there any unexpected considerations that employers/employees should be aware of?


Attend this webinar to understand the below key points:

1. Don’t delay Brexit planning.

2. Understanding of the key issues you and your employees might face.

3. Better understanding of the legal requirements after Brexit.

4. Options available to maximise opportunities with regards to access to talent.


Please click on the link to book now to join the live webinar and have your questions answered.

This webinar is free to ICAEW members.

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