Edwin Coe LLP is partnering with the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) to present a series of webinars dealing with the litigation process and taking a matter through to a High Court trial.

There is always the potential for litigation to arise out of disputed insurance claims and this series of webinars aims to provide loss adjusters, loss assessors and anyone involved with insurance claims an essential overview of the Court process, key terminology, evidential requirements and the issues to keep in mind both from the outset of a claim and throughout the course of litigation.

There are three webinars in total, the first taking place in September. 

Stage one – The pre-action stage
15 September 2021, 10am

In this session Edwin Coe LLP will discuss the pre-action stages of a case, focusing on the role of the loss adjuster, the investigation of claims and exploring the pre-action process and matters to consider before proceedings are issued.

Click here to for ‘Stage two – Commencing proceedings’ information 
28 September 2021, 10am

Click here for ‘Stage three – To trial’ information
19 October 2021, 10am

This webinar series qualifies as one hour CPD. These sessions are open for members and non-members.

You can book your place on the webinar(s) using the link on the right hand side of the page.

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