Welcome to our consolidated Legal Update.

We have collated the May 2018 updates from across our practice areas to keep you informed of the latest developments.

 May 2018

Adjudication for professional negligence claims
Property Litigation

“Aim low, aim so low that when you achieve your goal, even you will be disappointed”. Homer Simpson
Insurance Litigation

More Changes to limited partnerships
Corporate & Commercial

Good news on EMI options
Corporate & Commercial

Construction of condition precedents in favour of the assured
Insurance Litigation

Consider your awareness raised!

Employer/Employee GDPR made simple

It’s GDPR day! (But there’s no need to panic)
Intellectual Property

Friends, Roman and Countrymen

Recent case shows the importance of proper notice to warranty claims
Corporate & Commercial

Confusing similarity and Messi!
Intellectual Property

Bite Sized May 2018

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