Members of our Intellectual Property team, Simon Miles, Maggie Ramage and Eric Ramage will be attending the ECTA 74th Autumn Council and Committee Meeting in Bulgaria between 26 – 28 October 2017.

Simon is a Legal Advisor to the European Communities Trade Mark Association and attends Council meetings. Eric has been a member of ECTA since it was founded in 1980 and has been a member of Council since 2007. He serves on their internet and professional affairs committee. Maggie is also a member of the ECTA and serves on their professional affairs and membership committee.

About ECTA

European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) promotes the knowledge and professionalism of members and owners alike in the fields of trade marks, designs, copyright and other intellectual property rights within the EU.

The Association has always concentrated on those issues where the interests of all members coincide and has refrained from taking a position on matters in which there is no common viewpoint.

The extensive work carried out by the Association so far, following the above guidelines, combined with the high degree of professionalism and recognised technical capabilities of its members, has established ECTA at the highest level and has allowed the Association to achieve the status of a recognised expert spokesman on all questions related to the protection and use of trade marks, designs and domain names and related rights, such as copyrights or unfair competition, in and throughout the European Union, and for example, in the following areas, harmonization of the national laws of the EU member countries; community trade mark regulation and directive; community design regulation and directive; organisation and practice of the EUIPO.

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