Just when we thought we understood Millennials, along comes Generation Z (GenZ). Categorised as anyone born since the 2000’s, they will be entering your workforce sooner than you think. With a growing decline in school children applying to university, they are entering the workforce earlier than would otherwise be anticipated.

Generation Z is the first cohort to have internet technology readily available at a young age and they have been exposed to an unprecedented amount of technology in their upbringing. The impact of this is their built-in desire for instant results, speed of adoption and learning, and less desire for structure, process and time. They are comfortable with gender neutrality and gender fluidity and they are prepared to speak up, publicly if necessary.

Managers and HR will soon, if not already, be simultaneously managing four different generations within the workplace.The GenZ cohort will challenge your current HR processes and engagement programmes, and these challenges will need to be considered well in advance.

This seminar has been designed to highlight the differences that GenZ will bring to your workforce and discuss how best to manage them. There will be legal implications as a result!


  • Understanding the traits of GenZ
  • Discussing how to manage these traits
  • Focus on the three core areas of: gender, recruitment and managing
  • What impact could this have legally?


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