On 25th May 2018 new legislation will come into effect that is designed to protect your privacy and give you rights of access to your data that may be held by third parties. The law that will come into effect is called the General Data Protection Regulations.

At a seminar organised by The Mayfair Networking Club, Nick Phillips of Edwin Coe and Adrian Freeland of CG Northants Ltd will examine:

  • The GDPR – what, why and when?
  • Do I need to comply?
  • The 6 data protection principles
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Other privacy legislation
  • Is it an end to marketing?
  • Personal data – definition and components
  • Key players – controller; processor; subject; ICO
  • Breach – What happens
  • ICO – Key functions
  • Data subject – right to know
  • Consent – active and affirmative

Tickets for this event will cost £10 and are available from the TMNC.

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