Edwin Coe is delighted to announce that Intellectual Property Partner, Claire Lehr will be leading a Marques webinar on Thursday,1 June.

The webinar is part of a series of workshops entitled the ‘Coexistant Agreement Workshops’, with this one taking place from 3:00pm-4:30pm GMT.

This workshop is aimed at young IP practitioners with the interactive element being that they will be presented with a case study which involves two brands and participants will be able to discuss how to negotiate a coexistence agreement to benefit both of them.

About Marques

Where can today’s brand manager turn to for guidance and support in the face of such a bewildering array of pressures and challenges?

The MARQUES mission represents an effective response to that question. Through MARQUES, members receive a unique service which recognises and responds to the whole range of problems facing the modern trade mark owner.

Drawing on the variety of skills and expertise existing within its world-wide membership, MARQUES seeks to ensure that its corporate finger rests on the pulse of affairs. Every single member is encouraged to make a contribution – in whatever form and through whatever medium suits – to a global resource centre by agreeing to share professional strengths with fellow members while, at the same time, improving and enhancing his/her own performance by drawing, from the centre, support and guidance in those areas where they are not quite so strong or experienced.

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