The best way to learn more about Edwin Coe and what we do is to come and see what we do. Our vacation scheme gives you an insider’s view of a career in law and what it is really like to work here.

This scheme is aimed at providing you with an insight into both the day to day work of a solicitor and what it is like to work at Edwin Coe. You will gain insight from a variety of departments over the course of the week. You will spend each day in a different department being supervised by a qualified associate and getting involved in real work. There will also be the opportunity to attend client or department meetings where appropriate. We expect you to work normal office hours of 9.00 am – 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. We will reimburse travel expenses up to a maximum of £100. If you are travelling overseas then check with us before planning your trip.

Our summer vacation scheme is aimed specifically at penultimate year law students and final year non-law students and graduates. However, we do accept law students if they are further on in their studies.


Entry Requirements

What we look for in you

Whether you are applying for a Summer Vacation Scheme place or a Training Contract, we are looking for individuals with a passion for law, supported by a strong academic record:

  • Minimum 2:1 degree or grades to date
  • Plus ABB at ‘A’ Level or equivalent qualifications worth 320 UCAS points

In order to be successful, your application will need to demonstrate your ability to establish professional credibility, build strong working relationships and to work both autonomously and as part of a team. Strong IT, communication and listening skills are a prerequisite for the role of Trainee Solicitor. Ideally we are looking for candidates who participate in extra-curricular activities and who have already attained some legal work experience.

Please note – we do not accept candidates who have not completed the first year of their law degree or the second year of a non – law degree. We accept all other candidates that are past this stage including candidates that have already graduated.


Application Deadlines

  • Applications for 2024 open: 1 November 2023
  • Deadline for applications: 31 January 2024
  • Summer Vacation Scheme: June/July 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

What year of your degree do you have to be in to apply for the summer vacation?

You have to be in your second year of a law degree or your third year for a non law degree. If you are beyond this or have completed your degree you are still eligible to apply.

Will it help my application for a training contract if I do a vacation scheme with you?

No. The vacation scheme is more about helping you decide whether a career with a law firm is right for you and whether we are what you want. Almost all of those who spend time with us in the summer apply for a training contract. We are delighted by this because it means the students enjoyed their time with us. But it doesn’t mean that a training contract is assured. It’s easy to become complacent if you’ve had a place on our vacation scheme and then come to the interview under-prepared, thinking you have a head start.

Am I at a disadvantage if I do not have any legal work experience?

Work experience is an important part of your application as it gives you the ability to demonstrate some of our desired competencies and transferable skills. Whilst we look at all work experience, legal work experience is particularly helpful as it gives you the opportunity to gain first hand experience of the career and the ability to demonstrate commitment. If you are applying for our vacation scheme, we appreciate that you may not have a great deal of legal work experience, however, it is still important that you demonstrate transferable skills throughout the rest of your application.

I am a first year law student or second year non law student at university, are there any schemes that I can apply for?

No, unfortunately we do not offer vacation schemes for first year law students or second year non law students. You will however be able to apply the following year.




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