Corporate Tax Partner, Andrew Terry will once again be speaking at the renowned Russian Wealth Advisors Forum in January 2019. The conference is organised by Adam Smith Conferences in partnership with Boltenko Law.

Andrew Terry will be participating in a panel discussion on Thursday, 31 January:

My company: Offshore vs Onshore
Having a company abroad is often a business requirement. Tax transparency and BEPS have changed the traditional approach for choosing a jurisdiction for holding, financing, IP or private wealth
company. This panel will discuss the following questions:

• Are offshore jurisdictions still the best option for private companies? UBO registers and other issues.
• Offshore jurisdictions and black lists: is it a real issue?
• I would like to structure my assets: where shall I set up a holding company? Could I rely on beneficial DWHT in Russia under the DTTs?
• Financing/ treasury company – onshore. Can it still work?

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